Asian Journal of Food & Agro-Industry
 Volume 5, Issue 05 ( OCTOBER 2012 )
ISSN : 1906-3040

1. Induced fermentative production of virgin coconut oil
Satheesh Neela and N.B.L. Prasad
2. Kinetics of the reduction of pesticide residues in vegetables by ultrasonic cleaning
Ratikorn Buakham, Sirichai Songsermpong and Chutima Eamchotchawalit
3. Production of papaya powder under foam-mat drying using methyl cellulose as foaming agent
P. Kandasamy, N. Varadharaju, S. Kalemullah and Ranabir Moitra
4. Effect of freeze drying on quality of desalted tusk fish
Minh Van Nguyen, Asbjorn Jonsson, Sigurjon Arason
5. Adsorption behaviour of b-lactoglobulin onto polyethersulphone membrane surface
Sean X. Liu, Mukti Singh and Jun-Tae Kim
6. Biochemical studies on growth of single cell proteins with yeast extract supplement under varied biotic and abiotic conditions
Bhaskar Mitra, D.Vishnudas, Rahul R. Nair and Lijin Raghavan
7. Effect of wheat flour on physico-chemical, textural and sensory qualities of duck meat nuggets
Ismed, Nurul Huda and Noryati Ismail
8. Microbiological survey of vegetables from farm to export and their contamination during washing process
Pornpen Morakotjinda, Warapa Mahakarnchanakul, Donald W. Schaffner, Nipa Chokesajjawatee, Siriporn Stonsaovapak, Sudsai Trevanich and Wipawadee Ontoum
9. Some factors influencing the quality of salted quail eggs
Quoc Le Pham Tan, Oanh Nguyen Tran Thi Hoang and Tam Ngo Thi Thanh
10. Method for simultaneous screening of sudan i - iv by eight mrms using hyphenated technique, liquid chromatography-electrospray-tandem mass spectrometry in ginger and curry powder matrixes
K.R.K. Menon and T.V. Zavier
11. Exploitation of natural products as an alternative strategy to control postharvest fungal rotting of citrus
Harbant Singh, Ghassan Alsamarai and Mohamed Syarhabil
12. Antioxidant and antigenotoxic activities of phenolic-enriched extracts from legume seed coats
Kalyarat Kruawan, Linna Tongyonk and Kaew Kangsadalampai
13. Development of a new product by adding spinach into soft peanut tofu
Quoc Le Pham Tan and Hieu Ho Thi Thanh