Asian Journal of Food & Agro-Industry
 Volume 5, Issue 04 ( AUGUST 2012 )
ISSN : 1906-3040

1. Afai.5.04.12-a note from the editor
2. Biochemical studies on growth of single cell proteins with yeast extract supplement under varied biotic and abiotic factors
Bhaskar Mitra, D.Vishnudas, Rahul R. Nair and Lijin Raghavan
3. Some sensory and chemical properties of mulberry wine fermented with mixed yeast cultures
NiornChomsri, ThirawanChanrittisen and NanthapornThepkaew
4. Grapevine performance and production strategies in tropical climates
Umberto A. Camargo, Francisco Mandelli, Marco Antonio F. Conceição and Jorge Tonietto
5. Influence of germination time on the gaba content and physical properties of germinated brown rice
Thitima Kaosa-ard and Sirichai Songsermpong
6. Application of cellulase preparation to guava mash treatment in juice processing optimization of treatment conditions by rsm
Thi Thuy Le, Vo Phu Thuan Nguyen, Van Viet Man Le
7. Development of active modified atmosphere packaging systems for traditional thai fried banana snacks
Nipawan Siriwong, Oranuch Wangabklang and Weerawate Utto
8. Production and characteristics of canned tempe extract
Reggie Surya and Winiati P. Rahayu
9. Safety of vegetarian meat analogs and their natural meat products using somatic mutation and recombination test
Narukorn Wanut, Kaew Kangsadalampai and Kalyarat Kruawan
10. Effect of cooking and processing methods on oxalate content of green leafy vegetables and pulses
Virginia Paul, Swati Verma, Sushma and Ajit Paul
11. Effect of rice storage on pasting properties, swelling and granular morphology of rice flour
Wattinee Katekhong and Sanguansri Charoenrein
12. Influence of ph and heat treatment on sesame oil emulsion stabilized by whey protein isolate–pectin membranes
Jinsujee Putthanimon, Pirunporn Jakchai and Ekasit Onsaard
13. Effect of cowpea (vigna unguiculata) addition on the quality characteristics of oven roasted chicken shish kababs
Zuhaib Fayaz Bhat and Vikas Pathak
14. Influence of amylose and endosperm proteins on air cell distribution in rice cracker
Sasikarn Kithikorn and Parichat Hongsprabhas