Asian Journal of Food & Agro-Industry
 Volume 5, Issue 03 ( JUNE 2012 )
ISSN : 1906-3040

1. Growth and ochratoxin a production of black aspergilli isolated from thai wine grapes
Techarat S. and Cheewanun Dachoupakan
2. Properties of biodegradable films from hydroxypropyl sago starches
Febby J. Polnaya, Josefina Talahatu, Haryadi and Djagal W. Marseno
3. Screening of banana varieties for making flour
Isha Swami, A.G. Naik and Surve Vaishali, H.
4. Effect of rice storage on pasting properties, swelling and granular morphology of rice flour
Wattinee Katekhong and Sanguansri Charoenrein
5. A compatibility assay by antioxidant power and anti-proliferative properties in hepatocarcinoma cells with ursolic acid and foodborne microbial exopolysaccharides
Ling Liu, Junhua Wu, Jinlu Zhang, Zhenjing Li, Changlu Wang, Mianhua Chen, Yurong Wang, Yuanxia Sun, Likui Wang and Cheng Luo
6. Effects of commercial yeast strains & nutrient supplements on so2-binding & aroma compounds of yellow passion fruit (passiflora edulis sims f. flavicarpa degner) wine
Pattharaporn Srisamatthakarn, Andreas Kapaklis, Helmut Kürbel, Hans Brückner, Doris Rauhut
7. Impact of some additives on the stability of microbial transglutaminase from providencia sp. c1112
Chaiwut Bourneow, Soottawat Benjakul and Aran H-Kittikun