Asian Journal of Food & Agro-Industry
 Volume 5, Issue 02 ( APRIL 2012 )
ISSN : 1906-3040

1. What is tropical wine and what defines it thailand as a case study
Terry Commins, Suvaluk Asavasanti, Alain Deloire
2. Effect of vacuum cooling on physico-chemical properties of organic coriander
Apichart Sirinanuwat, Danai Boonyakiat and Pichaya Boonprasom
3. Pineapple wine fermentation with yeasts isolated from pineapple fruits as single and mixed starter cultures
On-ong Chanprasartsuk, Kornwika Pheanudomkitlert and Donlaphorn Toonwai
4. Effect of low density polyethylene packaging and chemicals on ambient storage of kinnow
S.K. Jawandha, P.S. Tiwana and J.S. Randhawa
5. Determination of erythromycin in giant prawn muscle by stripping square wave voltammetry at dropping mercury electrode
Nguyen Phuoc Minh
6. Effect of milk powder, sugar and citric acid on chemical and organoleptic properties of jackfruit-flavoured malaysian dadih
Nifea, R. Ahmad and A.A. Putra
7. Wine tourism in maharashtra - problems and solutions
Aditi Raut and Jayashree Bhakay
8. Antimicrobial and antioxidative activities of essential oils in chinese sausage (kun-chiang)
Wisaruta Kingchaiyaphum and Chitsiri Rachtanapun
9. Darkening prevention of thai fermented shrimp paste by pre-soaking whole shrimp with pyrophosphate
Manat Chaijan and Worawan Panpipat