Asian Journal of Food & Agro-Industry
 Volume 4, Issue 05 ( OCTOBER 2011 )
ISSN : 1906-3040

1. Characteristics of purified indigenous lipase from germinated cocoa bean using phenyl sepharose
I.D.G. Mayun Permana, Retno Indrati, Pudji Hastuti and Suparmo
2. Cyanide removal by ozone oxidation in tapioca starch industrial wastewater for recycling purposes effects of ph and starch concentration
Wutthi Khongkittikhoon, Ruenrom Lerdlattaporn, Montira Nopharatana and Warinthorn Songkasiri
3. Effects of germinating conditions on antioxidant properties, total polyphenol and phytate contents in quick-cooking husked hom dam sukhothai 2 rice
Vareeporn Pitiwiwattanakul, SuthayaPhimphilai, Surat Nuglor and Chiyawat Chiyasut
4. Degradation kinetics and colour of anthocyanins in aqueous extracts of butterfly pea
M.F. Mohamad, S.N.S. Nasir and M.R. Sarmidi
5. Rheological and physicochemical properties of palm oil products with cocoa butter
O. Zaliha, A.R. Norizzah and C.L. Chong
6. Nutritional value in traditional snack food for elementary school children made from a mixture of maize and tempeh flours
Suryani Tawali, Tuflikha P. Putri and Meta Mahendradatta
7. Improvement of the quality and shelf-life of minced beef mixed with soy protein by sage (saliva officinalis)
Ali M. Ahmed and Takwa H. Ismail
8. Electrolyzed water as an antibacterial agent for washing fresh chicken meat
Warasri Saengkrajang, Patchara Samaae, Kunnika Paewkrasin and Narumol Matan