Asian Journal of Food & Agro-Industry
 Volume 4, Issue 03 ( JUNE 2011 )
ISSN : 1906-3040

1. Prolonging shelf life of ready-to-serve pizza through modified atmosphere packaging effect on textural and sensory quality
Preeti Singh, Ali Abas Wani and Gyanendra Kumar Goyal
2. Effect of location and storage time on physicochemical properties of pineapple fruit
Jirapa Pongjanta Ankarn Nualbunruang and Lachinee Panchai
3. Evaluation of amino acid composition and protein solubility profile of commercially available sesame and groundnut seed meal
S. Maneemegalai and Reena Prasad
4. Nutritional composition in tamarind seed during germination
Tawatchai Chitwarin, Suphichaya Chanthachum and Pitaya Adulyatham
5. Studying deterioration of milk-food texture caused by heat treatment using flow cytometry and microscopy
R. Wadhwani and L. K. Murdia
6. Volatile constituents of essential oil from citrus sinensis grown in tien giang province, vietnam
Quoc Le Pham Tan*, My Vo Ai and Nguyet Trinh Thi Minh
7. Physicochemical properties of five different tomato cultivars of meghalaya, india and their suitability in food processing
Manashi Das Purkayastha