Asian Journal of Food & Agro-Industry
 Volume 3, Issue 05 ( OCTOBER 2010 )
ISSN : 1906-3040

1. Chemical composition, colour and linear expansion properties of malaysian commercial fish cracker (keropok)
Nurul Huda, Ang Li Leng, Chung Xian Yee and Herpandi
2. Comparison of nutritional values of chlorophytum comocum and alocacia indica, vegetables consumed in india and iran preliminary study
Ali Aberoumand
3. Antioxidative effects of liquid and organic extracts from iranian nettle (urtica dioica l.)
Abolfazl Kamkar, Mehdi Monfared, Ashkan Jebelli Javan, Farzad Asadi and Afshin Aknodzadeh
4. Comparison of meat quality characteristics of young and spent quail
Boni Ikhlas*, Nurul Huda and Noryati Ismail
5. Effect of microbial transglutaminase on physicochemical properties of ostrich meat ball
K. Suksomboon and Saroat Rawdkuen
6. Effect of hot water treatments on survival of e. coli and salmonella spp. and physical properties in fresh-cut broccoli florets
Phanida Renumarn, Varit Srilaong, Apiradee Uthairatanakij, Sirichai Kanlayanarat and Pongphen Jitareerat
7. Use of fresh garlic and garlic powder in duck sausages during refrigerated storage
Muthia Dewi, Nurul Huda and Noryati