Asian Journal of Food & Agro-Industry
 Volume 3, Issue 03 ( JUNE 2010 )
ISSN : 1906-3040

1. Comparison of physical and chemical characteristics between inoculum process and conventional process for producing toddy palm cake
Unnop Tassanaudom, Wannapa Srapinkornburee, Suriyaporn Nipornram and Wassana Chatdumrong
2. Assessment of active ingredients in pickled tea
Sumalee Phromrukachat, Nathachai Tiengburanatum and Jarunee Meechui
3. Effects of purple field corn anthocyanins on broiler heart weight
Panrapee Amnueysit, Tinnagon Tatakul, Nitima Chalermsan and Komsan Amnueysit
4. Pesticide and antibiotic residues in freshwater aquaculture fish chemical risk assessment from farm to table
Ibrahim Abu Bakar, Mohd Khan Ayub, Ayob Muhd Yatim and Norrakiah Abdullah Sani
5. Pilot-scale development of dried seasoning with tom yam flavour using mushroom as adsorbent
Somkiat Phornphisutthimas
6. Evaluation of rare sugar content from edible mushroom
Pornpimol Muangthai, Wareerut Chouesain and Khanidtha Tosuntikul
7. Physicochemical properties of banana peel flour as influenced by variety and stage of ripeness multivariate statistical analysis
Abbas F. M. Alkarkhi, Saifullah bin Ramli, Yeoh Shin Yong and Azhar Mat Easa
8. Increasing fish feed stability using guar gum case study with channa striata
Thanapa Janphirom, Pawinee Chaiprasert, Todsaporn Thongthieng, Sasitorn Suwannathep and Warinthorn Songkasiri
9. Souring and starch behaviour during co-fermentation of cassava and soybean into gari farina
Emmanuel Ohene Afoakwa, Kongor John Edem, Agnes Simpson Budu and George Amponsah Annor