Asian Journal of Food & Agro-Industry
 Volume 3, Issue 06 ( DECEMBER 2010 )
ISSN : 1906-3040

1. Loss of functional properties of proteins during frozen storage and improvement of gel-forming properties of surimi
Rodiana Nopianti, Nurul Huda and Noryati Ismail
2. Genetically modified food benefits, safety aspects and concerns
Sheweta Barak*, Deepak Mudgil and B.S. Khatkar
3. Aflatoxin on ginger and ginger products and the effect of heating on their stability
K.R.K. Menon and T.V. Zavier
4. Commercial virgin coconut oil assessment of antimicrobial potential
Chiaw Mei Sia, Hip Seng Yim, Choon Mei Lai
5. Effect of pre-treatments on drying characteristics and colour of dried lettuce leaves
Duangrat Porntewabancha and Prasong Siriwongwilaichat
6. Assessing the risk of acquiring listeriosis from consumption of minimally processed vegetables using a step-wise risk assessment
P. Jeyaletchumi, R. Tunung, S.P. Margaret, L.C. Chai, R. Son, M.G. Farinazleen, Y.K. Cheah, M. Nishibuchi, Y. Nakaguchi and K.M. Pradeep
7. Preparation of cocoa flour reference materials and determination of cadmium content using gfaas
Anna E. Persulessy