Asian Journal of Food & Agro-Industry
 Volume 2, Issue 04 ( OCTOBER 2009 )
ISSN : 1906-3040

1. Flavonoid contents and antioxidative effect of tea samples
M. Amzad Hossain, S. M. Salehuddin and Atiqur Rahman
2. Screening for antioxidant activity of selected thai wild plants
Naraporn Phomkaivon and Varipat Areekul
3. Production of cocoa butter equivalent from mango seed almond fat and palm oil mid-fraction
Phimnipha Kaphueakngam, Adrian Flood and Sopark Sonwai
4. Changes in physical and chemical properties during the production of palm sugar syrup by open pan and vacuum evaporator
Phisut Naknean, Mutita Meenune and Gaelle Roudaut
5. Partitioning of bromelain from pineapple peel (nang lae cultv.) by aqueous two phase system
S. Ketnawa, S. Sai-Ut, T. Theppakorn, P. Chaiwut and S. Rawdkuen
6. Effect of vacuum cooling on physico-chemical properties of holy basil (ocimum sanctum linn.)
Jirapa Bung-ila, Danai Boonyakiat and Pichaya Boonprasom
7. Effect of herb and spice pastes on the quality changes of minced salmon flesh waste during chilled storage
Charupat Pakawatchai, Sunisa Siripongvutikorn and Worapong Usawakesmanee
8. Biochemical and functional properties of proteins from red kidney bean, navy bean and adzuki bean
S. Sai-Ut, S. Ketnawa, P. Chaiwut and S. Rawdkuen
9. Screening of ethanol producing yeasts and bacteria in dried longan extract for the synthesis of r-phenylacetylcarbinol
Amalia S. Agustina, Phantiwa Poodtatep, Khwanta Smerchuar, Poonsiri Phrathong, Utoomporn Apiwongngam, Kitiya Laewongnin, Peerawat Jaiwunglok, Krit Sittivangkul, Ronachai Pratanaphon, Chartchai Khanongnuch and Noppol Leksawasdi
10. Protein enrichment of oriental noodles based on canna edulis starch
Stalin Santacruz, Mari Pennanen and Jenny Ruales
11. Development of calcium supplement from the bone of nile tilapia (tilapia nilotica)
Kidakarn Techochatchawal, Nantawan Therdthai and Sombat Khotavivattana
12. Analysis and identification of phenolic compounds in dioscorea hispida dennst
S Theerasin and Anthony T. Baker
13. Isolation and identification of killer yeast from fermented vegetables
Sunee Waema, Jaruwan Maneesri and Payap Masniyom
14. Isolation and characterization of b-galactosidase from the thermophile b1.2
Somyos Osiriphun and Phimchanok Jaturapiree
15. Recontamination of total plate count, coliforms and escheriachia coli in drinking water
Pussadee Tangwatcharin, Sunee Laehlah, Fareeda Hendeen and Waraporn Pechkeo
16. Antimicrobial effects of vanillin coated solution for coating paperboard intended for packaging bakery products
Suwarat Rakchoy, Panuwat Suppakul and Tunyarut Jinkarn
17. Effect of package, packing condition and storage temperature on quality and shelf-life of seasoned tuna meat product
Tippawan Arundon, Pairat Sophanodora and Supachai Pisuchpen
18. Effect of chemical factors and clove oil to decrease the growth of film yeast on fermented bamboo shoots
Jaruwan Maneesri and Jirajin Maneesri
19. Production of fermented milk high in activity of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibition by extending fermentation time and protease addition
Wasinee Phiromruk, Amnat Jarerat, Pairoj Luangpituksa and Thanut Amatayakul
20. Awareness of international-ethnic food among consumers in bangkok, thailand
B.E. Bell, K. Adhikari, E. Chambers IV, P.Cherdchu and T. Suwonsichon
21. Shelf-life extension of roasted red chicken meat coloured with red mold rice by modified atmosphere packaging
Aporn Wongwicharn, Sivawan Phoolphund, Punchira Vongsawasdi and Wichittra Bomrungnok
22. Effect of calcium compound obtained from fish by-product on calcium metabolism in rats
Phatchareerat Tongchan, Chakree Thongraung, Sunisa Siripongwuttikorn, Staporn Prutipanlai and Suthum Niyomwas
23. Antimicrobial activities of essential oils extracted from thai herbs and spices
Bhusita Wannissorn, Pattra Maneesin, Sirinan Tubtimted and Gansuda Wangchanachai
24. Quality of bread with added curcuma longa powder, essential oil and extracted residues
Chomdao Sikkhamondhol, Chowladda Teanpook, Sumitra Boonbumrung and Sirivatana Chittrepol
25. Polyphenols in cocoa (theobroma cacao l.)
C.L. Hii, C.L. Law, S. Suzannah, Misnawi and M. Cloke
26. Heat transfer coefficients of deep-fat fryer
Watid Cheevasathianchaiporn and Chairath Tangduangdee
27. Comparison of proximate compositions, bioactive compounds and antioxidant activity of rice bran and defatted rice bran from organic rice and conventional rice
Akarapol Sirikul, Anuchita Moongngarm and Pheerayos Khaengkhan
28. Sensory descriptive evaluation brewing methods affect flavour of green tea
J. Lee and D.H. Chambers
29. Studies on toxic elements accumulation in shrimp from fish feed used in bangladesh
B. Q. Shamshad, R.K. Shahidur and R.C. Tasrena
30. Comparative study on drying of osmotic treated carrot slice
P. Phongsomboon and P. Intipunya
31. Development of low fat set-type probiotic yoghurt from goats milk
W. Seelee, W. Tungjaroencha and M. Natvaratat
32. Effects of hydrocolloids on quality of rice crackers made from mixed-flour blend
N. Nammakuna, S. Suwansri, P. Thanasukan and P. Ratanatriwong
33. Development of roselle leather from roselle (hibiscus sabdariffa l.) by-product
Suwicha Dangkrajang, Anchalee Sirichote and Thongchai Suwansichon
34. Effect of glycerol concentration on the sorption isotherm and water vapour permeability of carboxymethyl cellulose films from waste of mulberry paper
Pornchai Rachtanapun and Wirongrong Tongdeesoontorn
35. Enzymatic interesterification of palm oil midfraction blends for the production of cocoa butter equivalents
S. Soekopitojo, P. Hariyadi, T. R. Muchtadi and N. Andarwulan
36. Liposome encapsulation of antimicrobial extracts in pectin film for inhibition of food spoilage microorganisms
Orachorn Mekkerdchoo, Pasavadee Patipasena and Chaleeda Borompichaichartkul
37. Effect of micro-scale enrichment parameters on salmonella spp. growth in suspended cell cultivation
Nattata Phiphitthong and Aluck Thipayarat
38. Water vapour permeability and sorption isotherm of cassava starch based films blended with gelatin and carboxymethyl cellulose
Wirongrong Tongdeesoontorn, Lisa J. Mauer, Sasitorn Wongruong and Pornchai Rachtanapun
39. Effect of pre-germination and parboiling on brown rice properties
Kanokkan Panchan and Onanong Naivikul
40. Identification of volatile compounds released from dry scented thai flowers and their potential application in fragrant tea
R. Samakradhamrongthai, N. Utama-Ang and P. Thakeow
41. Effect of vaporized fermented vinegar on salmonella enteritidis on eggshell surface
Jirawan Yeesibsan and Warawut Krusong
42. Methylcellulose and hydroxyprophyl methylcellulose based coatings on partially defatted peanut to reduce frying oil uptake and enhance oxidative stability
Yudi Pranoto, Djagal Wiseso Marseno and Haryadi
43. Effects of binder content and drum filling degree on cassava pearl granulation using drum granulator
Wanassanan Chansataporn and Montira Nopharatana
44. Effects of crystallization and processing on sensory and physicochemical qualities of thai sunflower honey
K. Srinual and P. Intipunya
45. Oxidative stability of refrigerated mackerel fillets as influenced by maillard reaction products
Manat Chaijan, Daowrung Kewmanee, Fuangfa Hirunkan, Sopida Aryamuang and Worawan Panpipat
46. Inhibition of aspergillus niger on tea box packaging made of rubberwood treated with vapour of peppermint oil
Narumol Matan, Warasri Saengkrajang and Nirundorn Matan
47. Effects of selected food gums on wheat flour or dough properties
S.Y. Sim, L.H. Cheng and A.A. Noor Aziah
48. Moisture sorption isotherms and water vapour permeability of carboxymethyl cellulose from papaya peel-cornflour blended films
Pornchai Rachtanapun and Wirongrong Tongdeesoontorn
49. Studies on the extraction and characterization of fish oil from wastes of seafood processing industry
M.H Norziah, J. Nuraini and K.Y. Lee
50. Type and content of chondroitin sulphate and collagen in poultry tracheas
Tusanee Jaroenviriyapap and Manee Vittayanont
51. Phycocyanin extraction from spirulina platensis and the extracts stability under various ph and temperature
Rachen Duangsee , Natapas Phoopat and Suwayd Ningsanond