Asian Journal of Food & Agro-Industry
 Volume 2, Issue 03 ( JULY 2009 )
ISSN : 1906-3040

1. Application of pulsed electric field in non-thermal processing of milk
Kambiz Shamsi and Frank Sherkat
2. Extraction of trypsin inhibitor from three legume seeds of the royal project foundation
Richa Kusuma Wati, Theerapong Theppakorn and Saroat Rawdkuen
3. Effect of cooking temperature and storage period on preservation of water soluble vitamin c content in citrus macroptera and moringa oleifera lunk
Shameem Ara Begum, M. Faiaz Ahmed and Md. Mizanur Rahman
4. Development of haccp protocols for the production of soy milk
A.P. Gandhi
5. Bacteriological screening of environmental sources of contamination in an abattoir and the meat shops in mumbai, india
Sudhakar G. Bhandare, A. M. Paturkar, V. S. Waskar and R.J. Zende
6. Development of a healthy soy sauce from pigeon pea and soybean
Pornpimol Muangthai, Pakatheera Upajak, Penprapa Suwunna and Wai Patumpai
7. Optimization of process variables using response surface methodology (rsm) in the solid-state fermentative production of pectinase by aspergillus awamori
Baladhandayutham Suresh, Thangavelu Viruthagiri and Ezhumalai Sasikumar
8. Carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (pah), anthracene in cabbage samples (brassica oleracea var. capitata f. alba) from bangladesh
M. Amzad Hossain, S. M. Salehuddin, M. Abu Hanif and Pankaj Kumar Kundu
9. Utilization of banana peel as a functional ingredient in yellow noodle
Saifullah Ramli, Abbas F. M. Alkarkhi, Yeoh Shin Yong and Azhar Mat Easa
10. Balance between nutrients and anti-nutrients in some plant food
Ali Aberoumand
11. In-vitro antibacterial activity of extracts obtained from the seeds of zea mays
M. Amzad Hossain, Taslim Ferdous, S. M. Salehuddin, and A. K. Das
12. Using soy protein isolate-glucose edible films to protect fish oil from lipid oxidation
Goh Teik Beng, Liong Min Tze and Azhar.Mat Easa
13. Effect of organic acid and salt mixture on shelf-life extension and growth inhibition of staphylococcus aureus and escherichia coli o157-h7 in moo yor
Puntarika Ratanatriwong, Preyatudsaney Prachaiyo and Pisit Wongsa-Ngasri
14. Commercial development of red kidney bean tempeh
Wannapa Srapinkornburee, Unnop Tassanaudom and Suriyaporn Nipornram
15. Antioxidant properties of the isolated flavonoids from the medicinal plant of phyllanthus niruri
Ali Ahmeda, M. Amzad Hossain and Zhari Ismail
16. Use of coconut flour as a source of protein and dietary fibre in wheat bread
K.D.P.P. Gunathilake, C. Yalegama and A.A.N. Kumara
17. Phenolic profiles of selected edible wild mushrooms as affected by extraction solvent, time and temperature
Hip Seng Yim, Fook Yee Chye, Swee Kheng Ho and Chun Wai Ho
18. Detection of amylase activity from fruit and vegetables in an undergraduate classroom
Surasak Laloknam, Supaporn Sirisopana, Phornphan Attaphinyo, Suwipa Poohuarai and Somkiat Phornphisutthimas
19. Food safety research in india- a review
R.V. Sudershan, Pratima Rao and Kalpagam Polasa
20. Microbiological and physicochemical analysis of different uht milk available in a local market
Ammara Hassan, Imran Amjad and Shahid Mahmood