Asian Journal of Food & Agro-Industry
 Volume 2, Issue SPECIAL ISSUE ( AUGUST 2009 )
ISSN : 1906-3040

1. Introduction to the special issue on organic farming and products
Terry Commins
2. Antifungal activity of essential oils from basil (ocimum basilicum linn.) and sweet fennel (ocimum gratissimum linn.) alternative strategies to control pathogenic fungi in organic rice
Apinya Piyo, Jularat Udomsilp, Peerayot Khang-Khun and Pitipong Thobunluepop
3. Climate change impacts on tropical agriculture and the potential of organic agriculture to overcome these impacts
Priyanka Prima Dewi
4. Effect of nitrogen and sulphur levels on growth and yield of garlic (allium sativum l.)
M.A. Farooqui, I.S. Naruka, S.S. Rathore, P.P. Singh and R.P.S. Shaktawat
5. Antifungal properties of essential oils from thai medical plants against rice pathogenic fungi
Jularat Udomsilp, Apinya Piyo, Peerayot Khang-Khun and Pitipong Thobunluepop
6. In vitro propagation of ceylon spinach (basella rubra l.)
Tanikan Pumchaosuan and Sasitorn Wongroung
7. Development of salak bali as an organic fruit
I. M. Sukewijaya, I. N. Rai and M.S. Mahendra
8. Bioactive compounds and antioxidant capacities of phulae and nanglae pineapple
A. Kongsuwan, P. Suthiluk, T. Theppakorn, V. Srilaong and S. Setha
9. Evaluation of media, organic and chemical fertilizer applications on growth of pot gerbera (gerbera jamesonii)
Suwaree Saijeen, Orapin Kaewman and Mookda Suksawat
10. Consumer awareness and willingness to pay for organic vegetables in south west nigeria.
Dipeolu, A.O, Philip, B.B., Aiyelaagbe, I.O.O., Akinbode, S.O. and Adedokun, T.A.
11. Effectiveness of pichia sp. cc1 in decreasing chemical fertilization requirements of garden lettuce in pot experiments
Phanit Nakayan, Fo-Ting Shen, Mei-Hua Hung and Chiu-Chung Young
12. Effect of salt-tolerant bacillus inoculum on rice kdml 105 cultivated in saline soil
Sujunya Sapsirisopa, Kannika Chookietwattana, Kedsukon Maneewan and Phirayot Khaengkhan
13. Antibacterial activity and phytochemical screening of chrysophyllum albidum leaves
O.P. Duyilemi and I.O. Lawal
14. Employing eco friendly potato disease management allows organic tropical indian production systems to prosper
Amitava Basu
15. Using the single seed oxygen consumption measurement as a method of determination of different seed quality parameters for commercial tomato seed samples
Johan Van Asbrouck and Patcharin Taridno
16. Potential of endophytic actinomycetes, (streptomyces sp.) for bio-control of powdery mildew disease in sweet pea (pisum sativum)
Podjanee Sangmanee, Ampan Bhromsiri and Angsana Akarapisan
17. Induced systemic resistance of biocontrol fungus, trichoderma spp. against bacterial and gray leaf spot in tomatoes
Weerasak Saksirirat, Punyisa Chareerak and Wandee Bunyatrachata
18. Organic pesticide from urine and spices modification
Pitriyatin Rozaq and Novicha Sofriani
19. Yeast metabolites inhibit banana anthracnose fungus colletotrichum musae
Veeranee Tongsri and Somsiri Sangchote
20. Effect of soap pod and tobacco on inhibition of colletotrichum capsici
Panupon Changkasiri and Sasitorn Wongroung
21. The potential for growing tef (eragrostis tef (zucc.) trotter) in thailand
Ratchanee Phanacharoensawad
22. Postharvest antifungal activity of extracts & compounds of cinnamomum zeylanicum, boesenbergia pandurata & syzygium aromaticum against colletotrichum gloeosporioides
Netnapis Khewkhom and Somsiri Shangchote
23. Fast field drying as a method to maintain quality, increase shelf life and prevent post harvest infections on cucumis sativum l.
Johan Van Asbrouck and Patcharin Taridno
24. Preliminary study on antimicrobial activity of crude extracts of pomelo albedo against colletotrichum gloeosporioides
Matchima Naradisorn and Ampai Ruenkum
25. Eco-innovative package design for fresh vegetable export case study of bell peppers from the royal project
Siriwan Tungsangprateep, Bussakorn Praditniyakul and Weeraya Phuaksawat
26. Development of crystallized palm-syrup sugar as a natural sweetener
S. Suwansri, P. Ratanatriwong and P. Thanasukarn
27. Reduction of mimosine and tannin contents in leaves of leucaena leucocephala
Nuttaporn Chanchay and Naiyatat Poosaran
28. Efficacy of xenorhabdus sp. (x1) mutant on mushroom mite (luciaphorus sp.)
Piyarat Namsena, Prapassorn Bussaman and Angsumarn Chandrapatya
29. Bacillus megaterium suppresses major thai rice diseases
Mana Kanjanamaneesathian, Amornrat Chumthong, Ashara Pengnoo and Ruedeekorn Wiwattanapatapee
30. Effects of granular organic fertilizers on the growth and yield of pak choi and rice cv. phitsanulok 60-2
Krissana Boonsiri, Dawrung Suangsang, Siri Pirommi, Angcharee Sea-ang, Wirung Tongying, Jeerasak Kontha and Apiwat Weejitjan
31. Applications of potassium humate to wheat for organic agriculture in iran
Reza Shahryari, Aladdin Gadimov, Elshad Gurbanov and Mustafa Valizade
32. Improvement of local pepper cultivars for higher capsaicinoid content
Januluk Khanobdee
33. Effectiveness of bacteria and fungi inoculants in liquid organic fertilizer production
Tanuwat Larptansuphaphol and Penja Jitjumroonchokchai
34. Replacement of soybean meal protein in fish meal diet for organic marine shrimp feed
Oraporn Meunpol, Lila Ruangpan and Somtavin Vallisut
35. Selection of bacterium (rhizobium spp.) inoculated chickpea genotypes for residual p use effect on following wheat plants
M. Rüştü Karaman, Sezer Şahin, Oral Düzdemir and Necdet Kandemir
36. Wood vinegar a by-product from rural charcoal kilns and its role in plant protection
Yanyong Chelermsan and Sukhumwat Peerapan
37. Application of wood vinegar to fermented liquid bio-fertilizer for organic agriculture on soybean
Udomporn Pangnakorn, Surasak Watanasorn, Chumpon Kuntha and Sombat Chuenchooklin
38. Fertilizers for organic sesame
Pornparn Suddhiyam, Siree Suwannaketnikom, Wimolrat Dumkhum and Nongnuch Duandao
39. Effect of manure and chemical fertilizer on solubility of phosphate of phosphorus in soils
Ratchaneeporn Suthiphasilp
40. Performance of low input active aeration pile, turning pile and static pile for composting organic fertilizer
Sayan Tanpanich, Rewat Chindachia, Cholticha Niwasprakit and Montree Keawdoung
41. Prediction of perilla frutescens l. britton seeds viability in relation to storage temperature and duration
Somkid Pannorat, Maratree Plainsirichai and Pitipong Thobunluepop
42. Coriander (coriandrum sativum l.) seed quality as affected by accelerated aging and subsequent hydropriming
Panumart Rithichai, Pattranuch Sampantharat and Yaowapha Jirakiattikul
43. Antibacterial action of eri (samia ricini) sericin against escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus
Waraluk Senakoon, Suporn Nuchadomrong, Sivilai Sirimungkararat, Thanaset Senawong and Pravina Kitikoon
44. Antifungal activity of essential oils derived from some medicinal plants against grey mould (botrytis cinerea)
Sirirat Siripornvisal, Wimolpun Rungprom and Sanit Sawatdikarn
45. Efficiency of extracts from indigenous herbs of northeastern thailand in controlling the tobacco cutworm, spodoptera litula (f.)
Saroj Charoensak, Jarongsak Pumnuan and Ammorn Insung
46. Evaluation of an on-farm organic growing media on the growth and development of pepper seedlings
Ashariya Manenoi, Wattchara Tamala, Amorn Tunsungnern and Phimoon Amassa
47. The potential of chitosan as an alternative biopesticide for postharvest plants
Siti Devi Yanti, Prima Triwahyu Nugroho, Riska Aprisa and Erik Mulyana
48. Inhibitory effect of commercial assam green tea infusion in watermelon juice
R.A. Kristanti and N. Punbusayakul
49. Branding as the marketing strategy for organic products a case study on moral rice
Juthatip Patrawart
50. Application of chitosan as preservatives on organic fruits
Kevin Angga Saputra, Amelinda Angela, Reggie Surya, Yesua Gifsan, Priskila
51. From production to the consumer what german technical cooperation offers to establish a successful organic farming business
Wilasinee Poonuchaphai, Dr.Thomas Jäkel
52. Organic market niche in taiwan - the case of tze-hin
Chang, Long–Hsien
53. On-field assessment of critical period of weed interference in okra (abelmoschus esculentus (l.) moench) field in ibadan, a rainforest-savanna transition eco-zone of nigeria
Rasheed Olufemi AWODOYIN and Oluseun Sunday OLUBODE
54. Peasant empowerment through social capital reinforcement road to sustainable organic agriculture development in indonesia
Aero Widiarta, Isma Rosyida, Rajib Gandi, Humayra Secelia Muswar
55. Applied organic systems, carbon farming and climate change
Andre Leu
56. Effects of moisture heating and vacuum fry on organic and conventional okra quality
Aumaporn Arlai
57. Enhancement of soil microbial metabolic activity in tomato field plots by chitin application
Porntip Wongkaew and Tanita Homkratoke
58. Cultivar and farming practice affect yield and quality of thai rice
Preeya Puangsomlee Wangsomnuk, Kantiwa Saenprom, Suta Poosittisak, Paweena Pongdontri, Pichedsak Srivong, Pinich Wangsomnuk, Anan Polthanee, and Manit Kosittrakun
59. Quality of local upland rice seeds produced under organic farming system
Raumjit Nokkoul and Teerayut Wichitparp
60. Pasta from organic jasmine rice
Nomjit Suteebut, Kasarin Petcharat, Duangkamol Tungsathitporn and Duangrat Sae-tung
61. Introduction of eco-enzyme to support organic farming in indonesia
Leo Wibisono Arifin, Argya Syambarkah, Hanna Sutsuga Purbasari, Rizkita Ria, Vita Ayu Puspita
62. Regression analysis and orthogonal comparisons for determination of critical period for weeds control in sunflowers (helianthus annuus) fields
Amir Houshang Hosseinzadeh Moghbeli, Bahram Mirshekari, Shahram Hanifian, and Hossein Golipour
63. Consumer knowledge and perception about organic food a challenge for consumer education on the benefits of going organic
Nur Fathonah Sadek and Yuananda Parama Oktarani
64. Preliminary assessment of microbiological quality of raw buffalo milk commercially produced in thailand
Wira Duangpan and Orasa Suriyaphan
65. Screening for the antifungal activity of essential oils from bergamot oil (citrus hystrix dc.) & tea tree oil (melaleuca alternifolia) against economically
Pitipong Thobunluepop, Jularat Udomsilp, Apinya Piyo, and Phirayot Khaengkhan
66. Plucao (houttuynia cordata) thunb. and sabsua (eupatorium odoratum l.) extracts suppress colletotrichum capsici and fusarium oxysporum
Sontaya Puttawong Sasitorn Wongroung
67. Four (4) downy mildew pathotypes are present on cucumbers in the northern region of thailand
Piyavadee Charoenwattana
68. Application of edible whey protein film containing a-tocopherol and ascorbyl palmitate in coating of peanuts in indonesia
Sarah Tsaqqofa, Nadiah, Septiana Iswani, Ratih Kumala Dewi, Huda Firmansyah and Ilham Muzaki
69. Safety level of tangchay currently available on the market and development of tangchay production from cabbage for enhancement of quality and safety
Jiraporn Raiputta and Phunsiri Suthiluk
70. Organic pueraria mirifica tuber its potent estrogenic potency and its effects on some organs and vaginal histology of aged female mice
Yuthana Smitasiri, Tanuchai Smitasiri, Supot Boonraeng, Supachai Sritiwong, Wasan Manoruang
71. Effectiveness of medical plant essential oils on pregnant female of luciaphorus perniciosus rack ( acari pygmephoridae)
Jarongsak Pumnuan, Ammorn Insung and Pikanes Rongpol
72. Efficacy of xenorhabdus sp. (x1) as biocontrol against for controlling mushroom mites (luciaphorus sp.)
Siriphan Sobanboa ,Prapassorn Bussaman and Angsumarn Chandrapatya
73. Enhancing conceptual understanding and critical thinking with experiential learning a case study with biological control
Arun Chanchaichaovivat, Bhinyo Panijpan and Pintip Ruenwongsa